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How can hotels use social media to get more guests?

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The power of social media is boundless as it helps you reach a lot of people and spread your brand name within communities. A lot of travelers spend a good amount of time on social media while planning for trips. So hotels can use these social media platforms to reach these travelers and get bookings.

  • The first thing hotels must do is create their profile and pages on most famous social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with a beautiful cover page. In this way, you’ll be presenting your hotel’s brand image.

  • Upload professional and visually compelling high-resolution photos and videos of your hotel. Make online travelers feel the presence of your hotel, why it would be exciting for them to come to your hotel. To do this can showcase images of your hotel interior, amenities, food images, well organized and cozy rooms, scenery visible from your hotel rooms, nearest tourist attractions etc.

  • You can also ask your previous guests to share their pictures to attract future guests. Ask them to comment and write reviews and share their experiences on your social pages. The effect of reviews is mind blowing, as reviews nowadays are seriously considered as personal recommendations.

  • Organize online activities such a polling, e.g. host a musical performance and ask for which band should perform at your hotel. These will prompt users to participate and many of them will come to your hotel.

  • You can also promote your hotel by posting about discounts, for e.g first 20 people who book before Black Friday can get a discount of 10%.

  • Do some content marketing. Write about what travelers would love to read and inspire them to know more about. Somethings which your hotel can provide them.

  • Use appropriate hashtags to attract a specific audience. This way your hotel images and content will appear to travelers surfing the social channels.

  • Link these social channels with your website, as linking increases rank in search engine. It also allows a large amount of traffic to move from social media channels to your website. Also if someone lands on your website he can visit your social pages, and this also increases chances for him to like your pages, he will get updates.

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