Blog Ideas to Strengthen Hotel Marketing Strategy

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Blogging is one of the main key strategies that boost the online hotel marketing. The content supports the marketing by providing information about the hotel to customers that facilitates their booking decision. And another advantage is that it helps search engines to find and showcase your hotel to travelers who are searching for hotels in your location.

Without any further ado I’d like to introduce the following blog ideas that will blossom your efforts for online marketing:

When travelers visit a hotel website, they are able to view just the list of amenities. Since this data is not enough they go to other websites like TripAdvisor to see the photos of the hotel and its amenities. So it helps the travelers to see or imagine what they can have.

Writing about the amenities that are suitable to leisure or family travelers like the fitness room and the types of equipment available, game room with billiards and/or ping pong and the fun activities that can be done in the swimming pool.

For the business travelers, you can write about the conference rooms and the accessories it is equipped with, high-speed wi-fi connectivity, laundry service etc.


When guests come to your hotel, they surely have several questions and the front-desk is the best place for them to get their answers. Therefore, it is a good approach to ask your front-desk staff to register day to day questions asked by the guests.

Once you have the questions you can categorize them into the form of related FAQ blog. For example, you can write an FAQ blog about what your guests can eat in your city. You may include the menu of your restaurant, the special dishes you serve or share information about restaurants that are less expensive, which are walkable, famous for their ethnic dishes etc.

Since these blogs will be visible online, it will assist the travelers in learning more about your hotel instead of calling and asking the questions. Thus it will result in saving time for the travelers and in faster booking decisions.


Most of the travelers are price sensitive and the prices do act as an important factor that influences the buying decision. In addition to that, they may be comparing your hotel with other options as well.

In order to attract the travelers, you must write blog posts that showcase the value you bring to travelers during their stay. During the peak season, you can blog about the value your hotel provides that makes it better than the competition.

Blog about the special amenities your property offers, display photos of the exclusive beautiful view from your hotel, and other characteristics which makes it stand out from the crowd.

During the low seasons, you can use blogging to publicize about the discounts and special offers. In this case, you can write a blog about free amenities available at your hotel such as free parking, wi-fi, breakfast, etc.


Regularly publishing blog posts will definitely improve the ranking of your website in the search engines. This also means that it will strengthen online marketing strategy and make you more visible online. Once the travelers visit your blog it will positively influence their booking decision.


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