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Best marketing tips for an independent hotel

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Due to the high penetration of mobile devices and internet technology even the independent hotels have the power to drive traffic and gather online reservations to increase their sales. So here are some tips you can implement for your hotel:

1.First of all, you need to have your own website because that is the place which travelers will visit first before coming to your hotel.

2.With the use of social media, you can create noise and establish an online presence. Through your social media business account, you can send discounts to your loyal guests. You can also encourage potential travelers to book directly with you by displaying beautiful images of your hotel, its interior and attractive areas in your location.

3.Newsletters and also great tools to get in touch with your guests. Sending promo codes with a compelling message will surely encourage previous guests to make repeat bookings.

4.OTAs are also great alternative marketing tools for hotels. Register to well known OTAs as you will be able to receive bookings from those markets in the world which are otherwise unreachable.

5.Whether it’s about shopping or searching for hotels on the web, we all look for online reviews of other people. This is because such reviews serve to us like recommendations from friends just like in the real world.

Do not hesitate in asking for feedback form your guests. In fact, request them to leave reviews on famous online review websites as it will positively effect your brand image and will be good for SEO purpose. This, in turn, will influence the bookings decisions of potential travelers.

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