How to Avoid Overbooking at your Hotel

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If a hotel has a good reputation and yet customers face issues like double bookings then it can have a negative impact on its image. It can because the booking engine is faulty or the payment has not been processed properly while customers were making a reservation on your website. Such situation can also occur if the distribution of rooms on OTAs is complicated and hotels are not able to manage them systematically.

These are just a few reasons, but most importantly the hotels have to avoid overbooking in every circumstance. Despite the quality of a hotel, the customers will lose their trust and make them search for other accommodation while they should be enjoying their stay at the hotel.

However, technology is always there to help hotels overcome double bookings and concentrate on making the stay of their guest a perfect one:

It is a painstaking process to manually update inventory on multiple OTAs. And it is even worse to when it comes to managing the bookings like this, as it puts hotels at a high risk of overbooking.

As a result, the channel manager is the best tool that saves valuable time and efficiently manage the online distribution of hotel rooms.

A responsive hotel reservation and booking system that builds a hotel website is a boon. The website allows travelers to learn more about a hotel. When they reach the website they will view the availability and prices of rooms at the hotel.

Therefore, hotels get commission free bookings that also eliminates the chances of overbooking. Since the bookings are made directly the hotels have the authority to charge a cancellation fee in case the guests do not arrive or cancel their stay.

An integrated front desk system with reservation and booking engine has an additional advantage. Hotels can keep their eyes on the reservations made directly through the website, via channel manager or for the walk in guests.

With Qloapps it is easy to manage reservations, check room occupancy, create and edit bookings and check guest information when required.


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