Artificial Intelligence re-shaping Hospitality Industry

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Artificial Intelligence in the Hospitality Industry is not an unexpected thing.

Businesses in the hospitality industry have always tried their best to please their guests. For this goal, they have been very belligerent in adopting new technologies.

Technology makes travel more enthusiastic and simpler.

Artificial Intelligence has existed for several years but it still seems to be a futuristic concept. It has come out of sci-fi movies and now exists in real life.

In this post, I will try to discuss Artificial Intelligence’s application in the hospitality Industry.

Understanding intelligence has always been a riddle to humans. Aristotle was the first one to take a shot.  He scrutinized it by our judgments about right or wrong.

The term “Artificial Intelligence” was first used by a computer scientist in America known as John McCarthy in 1956

Artificial Intelligence can be defined as the reproduction of human intelligence by machines and computers.

Artificial Intelligence can include learning, decision making, reasoning, perception, language recognition, etc.

Hospitality Industry aims to make things simple and easy for themselves and for the guests so that they can focus on their business and revenue. For this purpose, they are taking the help of AI.

The Hospitality industry is adopting AI in the form of Chatbots, delivery robots, robot concierges, conveyor restaurants, self-service information/check-in/check-out kiosks, and many others.

According to an article from  Skift, Expedia is planning to use AI for customer service.

Expedia’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said this at Skift Global Forum in new york

“For me to be able to message Expedia on [Facebook] Messenger or text … ‘cancel my hotel booking in New York next week,’ it is a much more delightful experience than calling or even my getting on the website etc.,”

Smart Customer service will reduce the need for people to reach out to a call center and will allow them to accomplish booking requests quickly and easily and this can be a key for “on the go global travel”.

Traveling just does not include hotel and flight bookings. You have to make small preferences at each step.

AI analyzes the past data and predicts customer behavior, likings, and taste. On the basis of that data AI provide recommendations. When you will search for a hotel on an OTA then you will see recommendations based on his previous searches.

All your preferences like seat location you like, flight preferences, and hotel preferences will be handled quickly hence, making bookings will be much faster.

Prices of hotel rooms change rapidly according to the scenarios. The occupancy, weather, user booking pattern, and room type decide the price of that room.

For example, no one will want to visit a beach on a stormy day. Hence on that day, the prices of hotel rooms at that location will be low while they will be high on a sunny day.

Cab services like Uber have changed the overall experience of transportation. The use of public transport and Taxis has declined drastically after the introduction of such services.

Uber is planning to introduce self-driving Cars and they are working very hard on it. They have already deployed their test car in Pittsburg.

Apart from that AI is also being used to make transport more eco-friendly.

AI processed data is also very beneficial in ride-sharing.

Boeing is preparing to launch self-flying planes. Today also, the control of the plane is not fully manual. It is a mix of human and automated control. But shifting to totally automated planes is something to talk about. The success of such projects will depend upon the reaction of the people. Will they trust technology for their lives?

Not only Boeing but Airbus is also planning such things. Airbus has tested its first flying taxi known as Vahana. Vahana is a Sanskrit word that means vehicle.

Not only AI but overall, technology has reshaped the industry on a very large scale. But the issues like cyber attacks, data security breaches, etc. are hindering people to trust their lives to technology. But, society does not change in instances, to bring a large change we will have to be patient.

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