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5 Advantages of independent hotels over franchises

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The independent hotel industry is a huge business. It is desirable because of the advantages of independent hotels.

These hotels have more market opportunities. Improvements can be made quickly. A franchise has to face the task of running a large number of hotels.

Independent hotels are more dynamic. They have no hindrance to adopting new strategies. Hence they can focus on personalization very effectively.

Independent hotels have a distinctive identity. Travelers like to visit hotels for a unique experience. Independent hotels focus  on personalizing the experience of guests

In this blog, I have listed some advantages of independent hotels over the chain hotels.

1 Wider potential for innovation is the advantage of independent hotels 

2 Easily focus on resources

3 Personalization is easier in independent hotels

4 Adoption of any market shift is easy

5 More detail-oriented 

Independent hotels can adopt new processes for enhancing their performance. They don’t have any hierarchy or central system.

In the case of chain hotels, all hotels are run under the name of the same brand. The same brand has to maintain the same quality in all hotels. Because of it, there is not much scope of innovation in chain hotels.

Independent hotel management is closely aware of the locality of that area or city. They can adopt new strategies to attract more bookings.

Independent Hotels have a unique identity. They do not have any burden to maintain the same quality as in chains.

Independent hotels are more flexible. They have the freedom to be creative and innovative.

Franchises have their hotels in different cities and different countries. These hotels have their control in the hand of the central system.

They have a general manager to operate each hotel. These managers do not have enough rights to make policies for the hotel. They have to follow the guidelines of the central system.

While in the case of independent hotels management spend their all-time on it. They are more devoted to planning for a hotel. They can utilize resources more optimally.

Management can focus on improving the performance of hotels more effectively than a franchise. They are free to adopt any type of innovation in their hotels.

Independent hotels are very easy to customize. Because these hotels are more close to the local area. 

It is clear that the quality of service is very important in any sector. Hence every guest wants a certain level of quality from the hospitality industry.

The franchise has a standard of service. They offer the same service in all chain hotels. Undoubtedly personalization is very difficult in franchises.

Independent hotels are free from any kind of standardization. They have a unique identity.  It provokes travelers to stay in independent hotels.

Independent hotels are more flexible in making changes in their hotels. They are not bound around any brand name. Large hotel chains have big marketing departments and big teams and behave like a big company. 

It is essential to adopt changes for competing with the rival. Chain hotels do not respond so early to every change in the market. 

They have very little flexibility in marketing strategy. Chain hotels follow their rules and protocol in providing service to customers.

Independent hotels are more reactive to market situations. They are free identities. Hence they are more adaptable for any kind of shift.

Independent hotels are known because of the location, they are positioned. So they provide more detail related to that place.

It is necessary to provide information to stay in the competition.  These hotels are not restricted by any brand name.

People travel to get excellent experience. Travelers prefer independent hotels because they provide more detail of that region. It makes their experience great.

These types of hotels may link their design to the local artwork of the region. These hotels serve local food in that region.  

An independent hotel can engage with guests more efficiently. These hotels are not restricted by any brand name. 

Above all discussion conclude that independent hotels have more advantages over franchises.

Under franchises, hotels have to present rules, policies, and regulations. But in the case of independent hotels, they make their own policies.

Furthermore, if the independent hotel uses better plans they can earn more profit. They have large room inventory and better opportunities to utilize it.

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