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Advantages of Affiliate Marketing to grow your Hotel Business

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There can be endless advantages of Affiliate Marketing for the Hotel Industry.

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing practice which can be very fruitful for the Hotel Industry.

Performance-based marketing is a form of marketing in which the purchaser pays only when there are measurable results. Ergo, in affiliate marketing, a business can pay his affiliate for the customer or visitors he bought.

Affiliate Marketing reached its paramount with the rise of the internet.

Wikipedia defines it as

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Obviously, It is a good bargaining chip for the Hotel Industry. So in this blog, I am going to discuss what are the advantages of affiliate marketing.

Facebook page of an affiliate's social media on desktop and mobile for affiliate marketing

As I mentioned that affiliate marketing is a performance-based practice. Now this means that you have to pay only when the target has been achieved.

There two main benefits that we can have here. First is that we have to pay for results so a better ROI. Furthermore, there are high chances of getting a result.

The affiliate earns when he achieves the target so this keeps him very motivated. Mostly, the goal is reached.
So you can decide any goal, which a sales figure or several visitors. And when you the discussed goal is reached then only you pay.

Let us assume, that it was decided an affiliate has to bring a booking. And when his referral completes the booking he will get paid.
So the affiliate brings someone on your website but he didn’t make a booking. Now you do not have to pay. But you got a visitor.
So there can be many instances like this.
Target achieved or not but there was an effort. This helps in increasing visitors on your website.

Some experienced affiliates have a very useful client base. You can utilize for increasing your monthly visitors.

The above points also give a clear indication that affiliate marketing is very cost-effective. Just think that you are only paying when you get the desired results. This way is better than investing in ads where you cannot even analyze the exact outcome.

The internet has given us many options to run cost-effective marketing campaigns. And affiliate marketing is one of them.

Recruiting affiliates to your marketing campaigns will bring a great influx onto your website. Higher the number of websites linking to your website higher the traffic.

It also has impressions on your organic traffic. When you link a website to a website it gives the search engine good signal. And your pages improve in rankings.

So the affiliate marketing has an indirect effect on your organic traffic too. This traffic can be easily converted into customers.

This is the best thing about affiliate marketing. You can track it very easily. You can track which affiliate is fruitful and which is not.

There are some KPIs that can give a quantitative analysis of how your affiliates are performing. So you can make the decision for what you have to change.

Some of these KPIs can are:

Click-Through Rate: It is the percentage frequency of clicks on a perticular ad. If the percentage is on the higher side then things are working for you.

Cost per Click: It is how much you are paying for one click. So if you paid a total of 100 USD to an affiliate and got 10 clicks. Then the cost per click is the 10USD.

Cost per Sale: It is the cost per sale. It is the total amount paid per the number of sales or conversations done.

Return on Investment: This is one of the most important KPI to measure the performance of an affiliate. As at the end  of the day

Affiliate Marketing make your entry in foreign markets very easy. Affiliate know their local market really well and they can help you in your international expansion.

This is one of the most valuable advantages of Affiliate Marketing that you can leverage.  As I have already mentioned that Affiliate Marketing is cost-effective and result-oriented.

Ergo, when your affiliate marketing campaign start giving results and then it is an indication that the people of that locale is interested in your Hotel services. And you have some potential customers there.

Then you can invest more in other forms of marketing for that location.

Top-notch affiliates have an army of followers. Their one tweet or Instagram post can make a gigantic difference.

Affiliate Marketers publish blogs, do social media post and much other stuff that create a buzz for your hotel. The direct effect can be increased traffic on your website, more subscribe on social handles.

Apart from these visible and quick benefits, there will long term effects also. And that will be increased sales.

Affiliate Marketing has many more advantages than those listed above. It is something that should be adopted by all the hotel owners and managers.

I hope you liked my attempt to bring the light on this topic. Your views are most welcome and I would love to hear your suggestions.

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