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3 steps to take full advantage of Hotel Reservation System

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Taking full advantage of hotel reservation system is very important as it is one of the most effective tools for a Hotel especially when it is trying to give a fight back to OTAs.

A  hotel reservation system makes the online presence of a hotel. It allows a hotel to take online bookings. But still, hoteliers are not using it in the most effective way. As less than 2% of the visitors on a hotel booking website actually make a booking.

Hence, there is a need for understanding the hotel reservation system more. Hotels should adopt such practices that utilize its power and take full advantage of the hotel reservation system and get more conversions on their websites.

So today let us discuss some of such practices.

A hotel’s website plays the same role on the online platform as its hotel’s infrastructure in real-life. The website is the online facade of a hotel on the internet.

So investing in the website is one of the most important things to do.

But here, a question arises what should be the feature of a good hotel website. Well this can be the topic of discussion of any other day but some of the features of a good hotel website can be:

Design a simple website with a user-friendly experience.  Go easy on your website visitors.

With your website, you are trying to communicate to the world so let the message be clear. The architecture of the website should be in such a way that all the functions are easily visible and accessible.

If your visitor faces difficulty to find anything on your website then there are very high chances he will bounce back.

Keep in mind that you are competing OTAs for online bookings and due to different services on their website the website becomes complicated.

So if you make your website simple then those who just to book hotels will come directly to your website.

Yes, the color you pick for your website is much more important than you thought. Colors have the psychological power to increase your conversion rate.

The color of the website creates a perception in visitors regarding your brand and alter their decision of making a purchase.

Obviously, in an era of so much competition, no one will wait for your webpage to load for more than 3 seconds. Hence, the loading time of your webpage has a direct impact on your bookings and revenue.

On an average 47% of the users expected a website to load in 2 secs and 40% bounced back if it didn’t open up in 3 sec.

So make sure your website is fast enough so that it does not annoy the visitor. So check your hosting plan, plug-ins you are using, and optimize your JS and CSS etc.

The images you are using on you are website gives your potential customers/guests a virtual tour of your Hotel. The visitors on your website try to get an insight into your infrastructure through the images you used on your website.

As the images on your website are the online facade you should quality images on your website.

Hire a professional photographer and get some beautiful images of your hotel clicked.

Of course, one of the most important client bases of a hotel is its foreign guest. Your Website should be multi-lingual and have options to pay in different currencies to take full advantage of your hotel reservation system.

Obviously, you cannot translate your website in all the languages. So target some of the countries from which most of your clients belong. And let your potential customers read your content in their native language.

Now, when you have a high-quality website integrate it with a hotel reservation system or booking engine like QloApps. It will allow you to take the full advantage of your hotel reservation system.

You must offer your customers an interactive interface to make the booking. A booking engine brings a lot of features to your website. And not only for the consumers but also for the hoteliers it is very helpful.

The admin can manage taxes, discounts, and localizations very effectively with a booking engine.

So you should choose your hotel reservation software wisely.

Now when you have a quality website and a booking engine integrated into it then the next step which comes is to make sure that your website reaches as many users as it can.

If people are not aware of your website then what will be the benefit of your hard work.

And SEO is the best practice to do this.

Most of the travelers do their research online through search engines so make sure you are visible to them as a legitimate option.

There was a time when hotels just meant serene shelter and scrumptious food. Hotels had a quite simple role in people’s life.

But, Technology has enhanced the overall life of a human, so the expectations of the guest have certainly increased.

So Hotels have to implement such technologies as a hotel reservation system.

This was my take on how we can take full advantage of a Hotel Reservation System, hope you like it.

If you have any suggestion then please do not forget to share them with us in the drop-box.

We aspire to serve the hotel industry with our product QloApps and that process we have taken a step forward by launching the QloApps Forum. So please raise any of your issue on our Forum.

For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket.

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