7 Simple Tips To build Amazing Hotel Newsletter

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Newsletters are a prominent and extremely useful marketing tool used in various industries. Maintaining a contact with customers is the core task for a successful business.

An effective newsletter strategy helps hotels to increase awareness about its brand name. Through newsletters, you can build a connection with previous and potential customers which is crucial to your success.

I have collected a few tips you can use to design your newsletter, that will surely catch a customer’s attention and make your message stand out from the competition.


First things first, you are sending a newsletter to showcase your brand. A well-placed Logo, a dashing slogan, along with your contact information and website URL in beginning of your newsletter is a great way to start. This approach will definitely leave a great impression about your hotel on their minds.


Did you know 40% of people view the subject line for the first time on a mobile device? So it is recommended to keep it as short and direct to the point. It is also advisable to use the familiar sender name as it establishes trust and saves it from being dumped into the spam folder of the receiver.


Colorful images and creative graphics never fail to cease receivers’ attention. This gives your newsletter an elegant look and feel, which provokes curiosity of the receivers about your hotel. Add images of beautiful views from your hotel, local scenery and attractive locations nearby which is visited by tourists.


People nowadays are very busy and have less time. So you’ll be doing a great job by remaining relevant and concise about your message. This will show your professionalism and by doing so you will be providing valuable information.


Break your content into small chunks and remain to the point. This will make your content more readable as it will be easy for them to scan through the message smoothly. Please, don’t flood it with too many images and content, it will only draw away their attention. In case you want to convey a bigger message then simply provide them with a link to website, blog or social media channels.


Attracting new guests and retaining previous guests is the key to remaining in the competition. A good way to retain guests is to establish a friendly relationship with them. Do not hesitate to ask for their feedback. This will show that you are putting in your efforts to improve your service. Such actions can encourage them to visit your hotel again to experience the improved service.


Social media is a free and effective platform for communicating with people. You can engage with people who are already connected to you on your social platforms. The best way is to send them to invite with some promotional deals to attract their attention.


All things considered, a newsletter is one of the most highly leveraged marketing activity. At the end, I would like to say that by investing time and effort you should develop strategies for your hotel newsletter.


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