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6 tips to make everyone subscribe your Hotel Newsletter

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Hotel Newsletter email is one of the best media of marketing. It creates a personal connection between you and your subscribers.

Hotel Industry is blessed with the customers who like to receive newsletters through emails. So in comparison of other industries, it is relatively easy for hotels to get newsletter subscriptions.

But still, the count of newsletter subscriptions is very less.

A long list of newsletter subscribers means a healthy business. But if after all your efforts people are unsubscribing to you then it is the time to look what you are doing wrong.

Where are the flaws and how to improve them?

These are the two questions I am trying to answer in this posts.

The frequency of the newsletter is an important factor behind your successful newsletter campaign.

Before writing a newsletter you should decide the frequency. You can send newsletters weekly, twice a month or once a month. But whatever frequency you choose, be consistent with it.

No matter what happens you will have to send the newsletter on time. Otherwise, you will lose your subscribers.

Also, remember not to annoy your subscribers with a very high frequency as sometimes it becomes disturbing.

So you will have to strike the exact and balance and then adhere to it.

There are reasons why people subscribe to your newsletter. And the most prominent one is they want relevant information.

If you are not flowing the expected amount of information then how can you expect that they keep reading your newsletter?

No one is actually interested in you so please refrain yourself from such a shameless self-promotion.

Although it is not easy to bring the same value to your newsletter every time. But you must have to make relevant content.

Your subscribers want to get educated in your niche. They want to learn so that they pace up with today’s lifestyle.

If they are not getting that, they will unsubscribe.

You must have heard content is king. It is actually true. The content you publish brings value to your hotel.

If your content is boring and irrelevant then it is not going to help you. Your content should be unique and engaging. It must have something for your audience.

After all, it is content people want by signing your newsletter. So if you do not have an easy going and engaging content then people are going to lose interest.

Also if you have a published a piece of content and you have sent it in your newsletter then it should not be sent again to the same audience. And never copy others’ content also it will also hamper your reputation.

People will lose trust in you and ultimately unsubscribe.

You must have to keep your audience motivated in order to keep them subscribed. If someone is interested in your hotel today then there will come a day when things become saturated.

So keep bringing in reasons for your subscribers to stay subscribed.

Run your hotel’s loyalty programme through your newsletter. Offer special deals, discounts, and freebies to your audience.

So always add something with the content which will be adding more value to your newsletter. This will not only allow you to retain your subscribers but also make new ones.

Want a bonus from your single effort then let your subscribers share your newsletters. Take full advantage of your subscribers and use them as a source of distribution of your newsletter.

Add links in your newsletter to make it easily forwarded via mail. You can also add social media buttons to the newsletter to make it easily shareable on the various social media platforms.

Let us imagine you have created a wonderful piece of content in your newsletter. You have kept all the points in mind while designing the newsletter and everything just seems to be perfect. And then I ask you ” so what”.

Yes, if you put all those efforts and did not call for action then what was the effort for and what was the goal?

In the end, revenue generation is the final goal you are trying to achieve for your hotel. So must always put a strong call for action your content.

Although social media is very prevalent these days e-mails have not lost their value. It is one of the best ways to communicate and it holds great value in your marketing campaign.

Ergo this was my take on how we can increase and retain our Newsletter subscribers.

Please share your views in the comment box below. And I know I was not able to cover all the points in a single blog post so please share those points which you think can increase the newsletter subscribers.

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