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6 Interesting Topics for your Hotel blog

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Travelers are always in search of interesting posts especially related to their destination. This is the reason why travel blogs are so popular in the world. Therefore, you too can convey information and start engaging with travelers around the world.

Hold on for a second! Did you run out of topics for your hotel blog? Breathe a sigh of relief as there is a multitude of ideas you can write about.

In this post you will find some really useful suggestions to help you plan out some compelling hotel blog posts and reach out guests:


Travelers love to read about interesting local events that occur in a place. Such an event is a chance for them to witness the culture of the destination. You may write about festivals, concerts, sports events etc.

The same goes for the local attractions in your destination. Every place has a unique spot that attracts tourists to it due to its popularity. Therefore, you put up a detailed article about a list of such awesome places.

Your articles will definitely induce excitement into travelers and also improve your SEO ranking. So keep your calendar marked with all the yearly events so you don’t have to waste your time researching for upcoming events and occasions.


Photos are one of the best ways of providing engaging content to your audience. You can display photos in blog posts and if you have a photo gallery on your website then you may link them to your blog.

Take photos of your hotel, the surrounding area and city. Photos of different seasons experienced at your hotel and images of local events will surely inspire travelers to visit your hotel.

Travelers often look for itineraries as it helps them to schedule timely visits to move between destinations. Therefore, what could be more incredible idea than putting together an Instagram itinerary. Put up photos of nearby cafes, famous restaurants or local markets they should visit to click snaps of their fascinating experience.


Nobody is going to know anything about your hotel until you say something about it. Did you win an award for your hotel lately? Don’t think twice and share it with your audience!

Are you organizing any event or concert? Go ahead and write about how the guests can enjoy themselves and which celebs will be performing at your hotel. Such posts do create a buzz among people and they are likely to share it with their friends. That means you will be welcoming more guests than you expected.


Eating is one of the life’s pleasure. Having delicious food with cherished friends and family while on holiday is another way to indulge into a life-affirming experience.

Blog about your seasonal menus or write about the new dish created by your head chef. You could also include posts about local food stops, write about best places to eat and dine out and the list goes on.


We have business travelers, leisure travelers and then we have the budget conscious travelers. Share a cheat sheet or tips about how travelers can get the most fun experience in low budget.

You could tell them about tourist places that don’t require any money to be spent to visit, or about free wi-fi zones in your destination. Such posts are very useful for young travelers, especially who have little money to spend but want to explore your city.


There are several questions that keep coming up in the minds of travelers. For example what would be the weather of your destination in particular seasons, how to book for local transportation and activities and so on. By blogging about these questions you will provide relevant answers.

One more idea about the blog post can be about what essential items should tourists carry with themselves when they visit your location. This will give them the pleasure to travel light. It will tell them about they won’t have to carry with them, and it will be available in their room or in the location.


With these topics, you will surely create captivating content. It would be wise to tailor these topics as per your property so that you are able to convey your hotel’s value to the guests.


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