5 Ways to Inspire OTA Customers to become Future Loyal Guests

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Hotels put in a lot of time, money and efforts to get new customers. It almost costs 5 times or more to make new customers than retaining existing customers. Some studies have also shown that repeat customers spend around 67 % more as compared to new customers. So retaining the existing guests is the key for future income.

There will be a few guests who must have booked rooms at your hotel through an OTA. So this gives you an opportunity to turn them into future loyal customers. You can do that by serving them with the best hospitality service with pleasure. So, here are some tips that will help you to get repeat customers.


In today’s increasingly connected world, the customers expect more personalized service from hotels. To stand out form such a competitive industry, a hotel has to provide a memorable guest experience. To achieve this, one of the best ways is to address your guests with their names.

Just imagine if you walk into a hotel and the hotel staff members call you with your name, wouldn’t you fell special and surprised? You can approach your hotel manager and staff to welcome the guests with their names. By doing so you will be able to build a stronger guest relationship that will differentiate you form other competitors.


Make the guests happy with little surprises. For example you can offer them with a complimentary breakfast, evening meal, or a free room upgrade such as high speed wi-fi. Such kind of treatment is unforgettable! Guests will remember these acts and turn into loyal customers for future.


Usually when a customer reserves rooms through an OTA , the customer data is retained with that OTA. They do it in order to prevent hotels from communicating to the guests after the booking. But it doesn’t mean hotels can not ask for it directly from customers.

When guests arrive you can ask for their contact number or email. This will help you to stay in contact with them. You use the information to influence them for repeat booking at your hotel by sending them special offers and discounts.


Asking for Feedback are very helpful for both hotels and guests. Guests feel valued as you ask for their opinion about your service. It make them feel heard and builds trust.

For hotels, it gives them chances to know where they lack and where they need to make improvements. For example it can be about your bad behavior by hotel staff or untidy room etc.

You must also encourage guests to leave reviews on famous travel review websites. In this way you will increase your online brand presence and get more guests.


It is a good strategy to remind the current OTA guests to book directly at your hotel. Doing so you will be able to recover the commission you had to give to the OTA.

So when the guests check-out you or your hotel staff must inform them about the benefits they can get by for their future stay. Sending them a follow-up via email, newsletter etc. will positively influence their booking decisions.


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