5 Factors that Affect Performance of Hotel Website

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Your hotel website is the first place where guests interact with your brand. This also gives the guests a chance to visualize your property and deliver the user experience. So your website contributes largely in direct bookings. It also impacts the SEO ranking. If you are encountering fewer bookings for your hotel, then it is time that for you to inspect your website for key areas that may be affecting its performance.

Below are a few points you must consider to improve the performance of your website:

The span of attention of travelers is very less, so you have only a few seconds to grab their attention. If your website takes a lot more time to load then you will surely loose a potential customer. A website’s speed also impacts the search ranking. So it’s absolutely imperative to keep the load speed of your website in check.


High-resolution images of hotel interior, rooms, garden or lawn allows your guests to visualize the beauty of your hotel. Such visual content is a proof of the experience they will enjoy once they are at your hotel.

But large images do slow down site speed, so it is better to have images that load faster. Videos that play automatically are also a downer and it annoys guests and dissuades them from your website.


To attract your target market it is necessary for you to promote your brand, but remember that a personalized brand identity is more effective. Travelers crave for unique experience so just be straightforward and up-front while sharing your brand’s story.

Explain the history of your hotel and past experiences of previous guests, as it shows authenticity and excites travelers for their next stay. Ultimately promote all of your great tales of your brand on social media and create some noise!


To enhance the SEO ranking of your hotel website you need to churn out new and valuable content on a regular basis. You need to generate accurate content that convinces travelers to directly book with you.

Create convincing content about your hotel’s amenities, features and attractive nearby places to visit. You could also include reviews of your past guests to intimate travelers.


Most of the travelers use smartphones or other mobile devices to search and book hotels online. So it is absolutely necessary to have a responsive website that automatically resizes itself according to the device used by the travelers. This feature also gives your website a jump in the SEO ranking on various search engines.


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