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QloApps Room Type 360 Degree View: This QloApps addon will allow you to showcase your rooms via 360°images.

This will give the guests a better idea of rooms to your guests hence increasing your chances of getting a booking.

On our hotel website, it is our room that is the final product and ultimately it is the entity that will bring us the revenue. Show 360-degree images will showcase the rooms in more details ensuring more sales.

360 product images are a series of still images of the room type photographed in an order that when they are viewed together on a single plane they create a 360-degree view.

In the module, you will be able to upload all the images and decide the order to create such a 360 view.

You will have to take multiple pictures of your room in order to create a 360° view then upload all to create a 360°image.

So let us understand the configuration and feature of this addon.

  • Admin can easily set the 360-degree view of a room.
  • Once the images have been added by admin for setting up a 360-degree view, then he can change the position of the images and 360-degree room view will be visible at the Front end according to the changed position of images set by admin.
  • With a 360-degree room view, a customer can view every angle of a room in a 360-degree rotating view.
  • A customer can stop or start again the 360-degree room view by clicking on the start/stop button.
  • Admin can set the right sequence of the image by checking the position number of images and also can preview.
  • Admin can enable/disable a 360-degree image view for all rooms.
  • Spin speed in which images rotate in a 360-degree view of a room can be managed by the admin.
  • Admin can enable/disable a 360-degree image view of any particular room.
  • Admin can upload his own 360-degree thumbnail image.

The installation of any module is very simple in QloApps.

  • Go to Module and Services tab
  • Click on Add New Module

Screenshot of QloApps backoffice showing how to install QloApps Social Live Chat

  • Now upload the Zip file of Module and click on Install

Now You Have Installed The Module. So Let Us Check The Module Configuration.

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  • Han Akbar
    How to capture 360 degree photos.any hardware requirements?
    • Faiz Ansari
      Hello Han, No there is no hardware requirement. It is just you have to click multiple photos in order to create a 360 view.
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