10 Methods To Plan A Holiday Package

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Plan a holiday package wisely is a vital task for any hotelier. It should be planned in an excellent balance way.

It should be reasonable to customers also, profitable to hoteliers.

While planning the holiday package few factors are very important.

Like it should attract children. Compatible with vacation dates and festivals.

plan a holiday package

The holiday plan should be made according to who is your customer.

For example, if your customer is an old age group then the destination can be any pilgrimage.

Or, if the customer is any student then you can plan a tracking etc.

Any holiday package is successful only when it meets the guest’s demands.

It includes multiple things like dates, cost, food, location, and many more.

Let’s discuss methods to plan a holiday package.

Many entities affect the business from holiday packages.

The hoteliers should care of the flowing things to make out the holiday packages most.

Annual revenue is one of the first things that should be noted for making a package.

As the business hotelier does from holiday package will be added in revenue.

The plan is fruitful when it attracts the customer and aids growth.

A large number of customers means good growth.

While planning the budget of the hotel it should be kept in mind how much the hotel will make money from holiday packages.

Create packages that highlight appealing deals. This will increase your profits and the hotel’s occupancy rate.

Dates are the primary key in the hotel industry. Holiday packages should be made while keeping dates in mind.

If you are making a summer package then it should be around summer vacation.

Seasons and dates play a critical role in holiday packages.

Hoteliers can make the short duration tour holiday packages too. Like for 3 days weekend and many more.

So, When ever you plan a holiday package give attention to the long weekends, festivals, and vacation dates.

Who is your customer? This is the first thing to be taken care of while making plans.

Customer segmentation is the process to divide your customer according to their characteristics and requirements.

Then only you can make a fruitful plan accordingly.

If your guest is from another country make a plan according to them.

Customer segmentation describes what kind of preparation you need for them.

What are their likes and dislikes and many other things? If you take care of all this will help in customer retention.

When developing a package, the occupancy ratio is critical.

See, hoteliers promote deals to increase room bookings.

You can now modify rates and discounted rates for better benefits based on your present occupancy ratio.

Let me demonstrate this with an example.

Assume your hotel has a 65 percent occupancy rate for tomorrow.

You’d try to sell the remaining 35% before the end of the day.

As a result, you’ll make a last minute booking offer to your guests.

This could include a discount on F&B services or a set amount off for the day.

Similarly, if you’re aiming for 95% occupancy, you might try selling the last rooms at a higher percentage.

That is, it would be a chance where you could focus on increasing income through upselling without having to worry about losing a room night.

As a result, before implementing a package, consider your property’s occupancy rate.

Booking hotels via smartphone is quite common these days.

And having an app for your property is the icing on the cake.

Promote the site packages on smartphones as well, but try to offer something unique to entice visitors.

It could be an app only offer, a discount for using a specific payment method, or the option to add extra services for a small fee.

Due to the ease of booking hotels via smartphones, last minute bookings have become popular.

It is the primary reason why travelers all over the world prefer spontaneous travel plans, particularly for weekend getaways.

As a hotelier, you can take advantage of this situation to increase your booking ratio.

Of course, you must create last minute packages with discounted rates and a specific cut off date.

But, be alerted, this technique should only be used if your hotel has a low occupancy rate.

Otherwise, it may result in a sold out situation.

If there is a frequent visitor to your hotel, they would certainly expect something special every time.

It could be a special discount or something out of the ordinary that would please them.

This is the mindset of almost every person who is a member of a hotel’s loyalty program.

You can meet these expectations simply by creating a special package for them.

It could be an all-inclusive package at a reduced rate, a free room upgrade in certain categories, or a flat discount on F&B services.

Online booking portals already have a fair bit of discounts and offers running all year.

The majority of them have agreements with airlines as well.

As a result, the market ‘flight and hotel’ packages to travelers.

As a result, you can work with your property’s account manager to create such flight inclusive packages.

Furthermore, you can provide exclusive packages such as a honeymoon special, or a long weekend plan.

Though this method may not appear to be very creative.

It is an effective way to gain the trust of your guests when they book early.

You could, for example, offer them free breakfast, room upgrades, or a welcome drink upon arrival if they book early enough.

Every vacation must be free of stress. However, it is not easy to plan a trip.

You can create a special tour package that includes national gallery tickets, diner deals, and other offers.

This help to relieve your guests’ stress and simplify the entire planning process.

Your tourists will not only save time, but they will be grateful that you have made it easier for them to plan their vacation.

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