Stats Management

Stats Management

Stats Management is requisite because we are living in an era of information pollution and we have data all around us. It has become very important for our business to segregate useful data.

QloApps Hotel Reservation & Online Booking System can display real-time data for the availability of rooms to the admin.

Admin can view the occupancy level of the rooms i.e. fully occupied, partially occupied and empty.

The Admin can view the daily/weekly/monthly status of the rooms by managing the calendar on the stats page. And can view these stats for any hotel or any rooms according to the requirement.

Admin does not have to manually update the stats of the booking. The system will automatically update from the online booking or the booking managed by the admin from the backend.

Once admin setup the hotels, rooms and defined the number of rooms, our system will manage the availability of the rooms and synchronize it with the database for further updates.