Responsive Theme

Responsive Theme

QloApps, by default, is responsive to all screens. Meaning, it smoothly adjusts its layout to all screen sizes and resolutions. Responsive themes adhere to the responsive web design strategy.

It means it seeks to develop websites to provide the best possible user experience across various devices and screen resolutions. Different people have different choices, so to fit their needs responsive theme is requisite.

It will adapt to several devices like iPad, smartphones, and other mobile devices. 

Regardless of the device in use, the user may check hotel and room availability from anywhere. Moreover, the booking system will remain the same. If SEO is a part of your marketing plan. So, mobile-friendly or adaptable software is the ideal option.

A responsive theme will improve your website ranking in the search result pages to a great extent. It is because a responsive theme influences your website’s appearance, speed, content formatting, and structured data, all of which are keys criteria for SEO. 


Features of QloApps Responsive theme

  • Display menu lists on your website’s home page to allow customers, to easily navigate other categories. 
  • Easily add rooms to the cart without moving to another page.
  • The most responsive web design provides users with a highly seamless and optimal experience regardless of the device they are using.
  • Your website may be view on any device on any screen size. Hence, making it user-friendly. 
  • On smaller screen devices, such as smartphones, responsive themes provide good reading and usability. Previously, websites had to create a separate mobile version for each platform, such as iPhone, Android, and more.
  • When you have a responsive theme website, then you will have to put on fewer efforts as maintenance time and, the workload will reduce.
  • Attract traffic to your website and stay ahead in the competition.
  • The users will stick around for a longer period. Thus, reduce bounce rates.

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