Pricing Rules

Pricing Rules

Want to set different prices for rooms on various occasions or as per seasons? Well, with the multiple price rules feature of the QloApps you can now create several price rules. Now set prices according to specific dates, weekends, or special days and date range.

In this, you can add feature price by going to feature price in the Hotel Reservation System.

We also have a feature through which you can sell different rooms at different prices from a specific group of guests.

Every product sold on multiple platforms needs to optimize its pricing. The pricing rule is a method to understand the best suitable price for a hotel’s room type at that particular time.

Before charging a cost, it’s critical to build a strong strategy for your approach. You’ll need a lot of knowledge and insight about your business scenario, which will help you put things in context and figure out which pricing principles are most important to your success.

We give you this feature to build a pricing strategy for hotels. Working on a fixed pricing policy will be fruitful in the long run.

Benefits you can drive from pricing rule by creating the right pricing strategy for your hotel:

  • A combination of different methods of pricing will make your hotel successful.
  • The right pricing strategy helps increase sales, and your hotel can achieve success.
  • Forecasting is the essential tool for setting pricing based on expected demand. It aids in determining hotel rates based on demand.
  • A hotel’s dynamic pricing strategy depending on occupancy is one approach to boost room revenue.
  • Based on supply and demand policies, you can raise your hotel prices when demand exceeds availability.
  • Apply a length of stay strategy on adjusting the price based on the guest’s length of the stay.
  • The price per section is one of the most widely used pricing strategies in the hotel industry. You can vary the pricing for different segments of guests.

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