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Multirooms/hotels in Single Order

Multirooms/hotels in Single Order

QloApps provides a unique feature to the end-users. Now, users can book multiple rooms/hotels in a single cart. This feature will make your hotel website user-friendly. Users can book rooms from a single hotel or several hotels on different dates. It will make the website one solution to fulfill different needs for the user.

For example– If a user wants to book two rooms from 31st December to 2nd January in different locations. The user can add one room from one hotel and another from another hotel in a single cart and book them together.

Similarly, if a user wants to book two rooms, the first one from 31st December to 2nd January, and the other from 5th January to 7th January. Subsequently, the user can add these rooms in a single cart and book them together.

It will work in the same way as a single booking, but there are some differences. For instance, the admin can handle bookings individually, change status, resend emails, and modifying information of each room booked in a cart.

Benefits of QloApps Multi rooms/Hotels in single room feature:

  • Customers will be able to book many rooms from a hotel or different hotels in one go.
  • The customer makes the payment at once for all of them.
  • It saves customers time and effort as they do not need to check out and make payment for a single room and then start again and book another room.
  • Customers have a choice to book multiple rooms in a go or a single room.
  • If someone adds room/rooms in the cart, but sign-out without checking out. Then reminder is sent to them for an abandoned cart. 
  • You can offer extra points for booking multiple rooms. Hence, more customers are attracted to your service that increases sales.
  • Allows up-selling of the rooms of the hotel.


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