Manage Translation

Manage Translation

QloApps has the default feature of translating wordings of the website into any other language. Managing translations is the main requirement if you want to expand and popularise your website.

You don’t need to assign this task to anyone. You can yourself translate the contents of the website into any of the desired languages. Translating your website demonstrates that your company is genuinely global.

Also, it shows you respect and appreciates different countries. Another advantage of this is when your target audience will read the website in their native language. They will be able to understand it and trust your organization. 

Your website is the most crucial thing for marketing. Customers will look on your website for booking a room. Hence, you must display accurate, professional, and up-to-date photos and content.

If your business expands worldwide, you’ll need websites that cater to the needs of people of different countries. When customers can read room type descriptions, discounts they can avail of, amenities available, and payment methods, and interact in their preferred language, they are significantly more likely to make bookings from your website.

Benefits of managing translations

  1. When you translate your website into different languages, its brand establishes on a global scale.
  2. It is a cost-effective way to reach a broader customer base. You may successfully acquire new visitors, establish confidence with consumers, 
  3. By managing translations, you can present your website’s information in various languages.
  4. It will improve the ranking of your website on search engine result pages. Thus, increase traffic to your website and create leads.
  5. You can figure out what languages the market you are targeting speak and then grasp the chance to take advantage of it by translating the website in their preferred languages.
  6. You will have a competitive advantage among others.
  7. People are more to book a room if the information on the website is in a familiar dialect. Hence, the customer base will increase.

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