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Location Wise Search

Location Wise Search

QloApps Location Wise Search for the availability of rooms is the basic functionality of any Hotel Reservation & Online Booking System. Users can search for rooms as visitors, guests, or customers. Furthermore, the user can search rooms according to the city, state or country. They can select hotels in a particular location. And then can view the availability of the rooms in between the desired dates in the hotel.

If we want to expand it, then we can say the user need not remember the hotel name, he can type the location name, and from the hotel search bar, he can select hotel in the dropdown list and enter a check-in and check-out dates and click on search. All the available hotel rooms will display on the search result page.

On that page, one can view ratings a room receives from guests. Moreover, guests can view the images of all the rooms. A short description of the room is also listed to give insights into the room. You can also check the maximum capacity of the room. It means the number of adults and children who can stay in the room. The cost of staying in the room per night. The number of same rooms available. Moreover, you can also filter the rooms as per their ratings and price.

Why are we giving importance to location?

It is because of the following reasons:

  • When it comes to picking a hotel, price, amenities, brand image, and recommendations all play a factor. The essential component of all, though, is still, unsurprisingly, location. 
  • The most crucial consideration in deciding on a hotel is still its location. For budget and mid-scale customers, “location” is a critical factor in choosing a hotel. Leisure travelers value location more than business travelers. 
  • Older tourists with a high income prefer to stay in an upper-midscale or premium hotel place a higher value on location.

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