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Inventory Rules

Inventory Rules

QloApps allows you quickly block the availability of your hotel rooms. It is for a particular date range when the hotel is temporarily not taking the bookings of a room due to some issue. There are a few reasons the booking of rooms/rooms is(are) not possible for a while. Hence, QloApps acknowledge this fact and allow the admin to block rooms from availability. So, there is no confusion. As already block rooms are not visible when guests are making booking inquiries.

There are mainly two reasons for blocking rooms.


The rooms are out of order, or they are out of service. 


Out of Order refers to a room that cannot be sold due to renovations, undergoing repairs, and cannot use because the room is not functional. Hence, by blocking it, you can remove it from the number of available rooms.

Out of service, a room is in maintenance mode for a short period because of some minor damages. It is the choice of the admin to make the room available for booking or not. Although, mainly, in this case, you can allow reservations of rooms after completing repairs.


Moreover, you can block several dates ranges for a room by clicking on the “Add dates” button. 

Likewise, you can block several rooms. It, in the same manner, you block a room along with several date ranges. Unblocking the room before the expiration of the block date is more simple than blocking. With only a click on the delete button, you can remove the block room from the list. 

This way, you can deliver a better customer experience. And save your hotel from degrading its reputation in the eyes of a customer.

Because when your website displays a room is available, but it turns out that it’s undergoing renovations, this creates a disjointed user experience.

The more precise your inventory management is, the better you’ll be at meeting consumer expectations for product availability.

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