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Learn how to boost your Hotel Business with the help of QloApps. We deliver a free Webinar every month

e discussed how QloApps helps you to have full control over your hotel booking website.

You should be able to fine-tune your website yourself without any dependency on any technical team.

As a hotelier, you must be able to manage the booking process and technical aspects like SEO of your website as it has a great impact on your business and revenue generation.

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The topic of discussion is "How QloApps Localization features guarantee the best usability of your website on the global platform"

Hotelier must try to make the website the most attracting option to make the booking by communicating with guests in their language

The problem occurs when hoteliers fail to do so as they do not have a well-localized website. As a hotelier, you need to allure our potential clients in their language and then offer them payments in their currency.

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The topic of discussion is How QloApps Intelligent Discount Features can get you more business

Target your customers by running discount campaigns and promotional offers and attract them to your hotel.

So we aimed to show you how you can run such campaigns and offers effectively with QloApps.

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In the discussion, you will learn how to solve some complex problems of hotel industry related to pricing.

You will learn how you can have dynamic pricing for your hotel through our intelligent pricing features.

So that you can ensure the highest possible revenue by offering the best available rates at the right time for the right season and for the right guest.

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The webinar discussed How to launch a free hotel booking website using QloApps

We saw how to install QloApps and what are the requisites for the installation.

Once you have installed the QloApps online booking system on your server your hotel booking website will be launched.

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In this webinar, we discussed how we can set up our hotel booking website with the help of QloApps. QloApps is a hotel software that helps you to launch your hotel website.

Ergo, we discussed how we can add our hotel to the website, then we added rooms and managed the front end of our hotel booking website.

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